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  we provide a 12-Month warranty, which including:

  - free software updates

  - other parts at the lowest price. 

  - periodic visits


  - We supply operator manual and video instruction for installation.

  - Usually, only fully automatic machines require on-site instrution and installation. But, if customer insist and  afford expense, we will do on-site installation for other machines.


  - Our standard service is video trainning. On-site trainning is only  for fully automatic machines. 

  - The purpose of our trainning is to help customer to train staff or their clients. The machine operator is responsible for ensuring that every employee who uses JCWelec's machine has received training in accordance with operating  instructions. 

  - The buyer's technician should operate and maintain the equipment in accordance with the seller's requirements and debug some faults. 


  - If customer is unable to resolve the issue, we will provide instructions by phone,  email or video-chat. 

  - If the problem is still not resolved, we will arrange a technician to solve the problem.

24 Hours Emergency response

  - JCW provide a 24-hour emergency service in the event that the equipment breakdown.

  - Our professionals will give instruction over phone or real-time video-chat