Tube Cutting Machine

JCW's high-performance automatic cutting machines process a wide variety of wire,cable,tube and hose accurately.

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Tube Cutting Machine

Measures and cuts almost any type of synthetic strip material from thin ribbons to heavy webbings with an electrically heated knife...

Fabric/Tube Heat Cutting Machine



Cylinder Drive Copper Braided Belt Cutting Machine


Belt transfer, 20MM diameter hard PVC tubing, Sleeve cutting, Accurate process, Length calibration, User-friendly HMI, English interface...

20MM PVC Nylon Sleeve Cutting Machine


Automotive wire harness corrugated tubing cutting machine, split is optional function, 30MM O.D. tubing....

C08 Automotive Corrugated Tube Split Cutting Machine


High speed cutting machine for heat shrinkable tube, flat material, color ribbon belt etc....

Multi-function Cutting Machine C01


Precise and vertical cutting machine for tube,hose and cable. Adapatable to cut flat ribbon cable. Always offer neat cutting without bevel....

C04 Automatic Tube Cutting Machine


Automatic corrugated tube cutting machine with belt transfer system. Stable performance, solid machine....

Corrugated Tube Cutting Machine C06


Automatic corrugated tube cutting machine with rotary blades system, offer precise cutting on the crest of ridge....

Corrugated Tube Rotary Cutting Machine C09


Newly designed heat shrinkable tube cutting machine, high speed, high precision, color touch screen,cutting length correction....

Heat Shrinkable Tubing Cutting Machine C03