Customized Machine

JCW offers customized machines to meet various sepcial production needs.Block loading, insulated sleeve insertison, loose-piece connector crimping etc

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Customized Machine

Fully automatic multi-function wire crimping machine combines tinning and housing insertion....

CM02 Fully-auto Crimp and Housing Insertion Machine


Customized multi-function automatic crimping machine for two wires joint crimping and sleeve insertion. ...

Automatic Joint Crimping and Sleeve Insertion Machine CM04


Apply to all kinds of loose-piece terminal crimping,especially high level terminal. Finish wire stripping and terminal crimping simultaneously. ...

Loose-piece Ferrule Crimping Machine


Semi-automatic loose-piece terminal crimping machine. Customized model for specific terminal type....

Loose-piece Terminal Crimping Machine CM01


Apply to max 6mm² single solid conductor cable looping. Save cost of lug and lug crimping. ...

Copper Looping Machine


Fully-auto wire crimping machine for cutting, stripping, crimping,tinning and block loading. Ideal solution for high-speed wire processing....

Single-end Soldering to Crimp & Housing Insertion CM06