Stripping & Crimping

Semi-automatic machines to strip wire and crimp terminal in one cycle.

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Ferrule Strip Crimper 丨Ferrule Crimping Machine

1. The JCW-F2 electro-pneumatic wire stripping and loose piece insulated ferrule crimping machine is a simple and exceptionally reliable maintenance free machine. 

2. It is equipped to process loose piece insulated ferrule for wires up to 2.5sqmm. 

3. The JCW-F2 can be simply set by selecting the cross section, and changing the crimping tools from the tooling kit included.

4. Stripping and crimping is simple and can be done in one work step.

5. Wear-free, maintenance-free. 

6. Easily change from just stripping to stripping and crimping ferrule in one operation.

7. Simple-fill bowl (vibration plate) quickly and loads ferrules.

8. Conveniently assessible waste bin.