Stripping & Crimping

Semi-automatic machines to strip wire and crimp terminal in one cycle.

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Stripping & Crimping

Loose piece ferrule crimping machine. Range 0.5 to 4mm². Fast die sets changeover. ...

Wire Stripping Loose Ferrule Crimping Machine


Semi-automatic strip and crimp machine series. Efficient machine for inner core of multicore cable processing. Wire stripping and terminal crimping in ...

Wire Stripping and Crimping Machine 2TD


Automated, high-volumewire stripping and ferrule crimping machine. Specialize in loose piece insulated ferrule. Capacity up to 2.5sqmm. ...

Ferrule Strip Crimper 丨Ferrule Crimping Machine



Multicore Cable Stripping Crimping Machine 2TM


Wire stripping and crimping machine for superfine wire from 0.01 to 0.75mm²...

Wire Stripping and Crimping Machine 2TC