Pneumatic Crimping Tool

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Pneumatic Crimping Tool

Economical, robust and precise pneumatic crimping tool, dozens of crimp molds, 1.3 tons crimping force, fast molds change within 5 minutes....

Loose Terminal Crimping Machine 320E


Powerful, economical, no power consumption pneumatic loose piece terminal crimping machine. Cover a wide range of terminals....

Pneumatic Loose Piece Terminal Crimping Machine 320F


2.5 tons crimping force, powerful pneumatic crimping machine for 35sqmm terminal. ...

Pneumatic Crimping Tool for Loose Terminals 320G


For 8P-64P IDC/IDE cable crimping. Low air consumption. 300 to 600 crimping per hour. Robust design. Space saving. ...

IDC/IDE Cable Crimping Machine


Powerful pneumatic crimping machine, 2.5tons crimping force, free maintenance, cable lug range up to 50sqmm, 5 sets of crimp dies....

50mm Hexagon Cable Lug Crimping Machine


Compact,portable and effetive terminal crimping machine for insulated tubular terminal....

320B Ferrule Crimping Machine


Pneumatic and portable crimp tool for loose-piece terminal....

Pneumatic Terminal Crimping Tool 320