Semi-auto Terminal Crimping

JCW offers various semi-automatic terminal crimping machines to meet all the crimping needs.

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Semi-auto Terminal Crimping

Loose piece ferrule crimping machine. Range 0.5 to 4mm². Fast die sets changeover. ...

Wire Stripping Loose Ferrule Crimping Machine


Programmable terminal crimping machine for copper tube crimping lugs from 10 to 70mm². Powerful and precise performance....

70SQ Hydraulic Lug Crimping Machine


The combination with JCW-CS12 is the best solution for 2468 flat ribbon cable terminal crimping. Precise and robust. ...

2TE Flat Ribbon Cable Crimping Machine


Semi-automatic strip and crimp machine series. Efficient machine for inner core of multicore cable processing. Wire stripping and terminal crimping in ...

Wire Stripping and Crimping Machine 2TD


Servo driven, robust machine, precise crimping. Apply to copper tube crimping lug, hexagon shaped crimping. Easy operation by touch screen. Fast switch...

Servo Driven Hexagon Lug Crimping Machine 20T


Precise servo motorized semi automatic terminal crimping machine. Automatic detections ensure high performance, especially for prick type terminal. ...

Servo Motorized Prick Type Terminal Crimping Machine


Motorized crimping too, fast and easy change cirmp moulds, apply to various ferrules, open barrel terminals. Powerful and portable tool. ...

Electrical Terminal Crimper Machine


Automated, high-volumewire stripping and ferrule crimping machine. Specialize in loose piece insulated ferrule. Capacity up to 2.5sqmm. ...

Ferrule Strip Crimper 丨Ferrule Crimping Machine


Economical, robust and precise pneumatic crimping tool, dozens of crimp molds, 1.3 tons crimping force, fast molds change within 5 minutes....

Loose Terminal Crimping Machine 320E