Single-core Wire Stripping

Automatic wire cutting & stripping machine to process single conductor wire.

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Ultra-short 50mm² Heavy Duty Cable Stripping Machine

1. The JCW-CS07B is exclusively designed for lead acid battery industry. Apply to ultra-short heavy-duty wire cutting and stripping.

2. Adopts servo motor, high quality driver, imported belt, 7 axis motion control card, offers precise processing and long service life. 

3. Unique gripper allows it to strip 12.5mm at both sides, meanwhile cutting length is 50mm.

4. The rollers raise and fall simultaneously, roller spacing is precisely controlled by electric motor. All of that ensure the center points of different cables are always the same. No machinery adjustment for whole range of  cable required. 

5. Roller force and height will be saved along with other parameters after programmingno blade and roller adjustment in the future.

6. Data library stores 100 programs for future use. Fast change-over of guide tube extend the processing capability. 

7. User-friendly interface and 7" color touch screen make operation intuitive and easy.

8. Automatic length modification saves time, guarantee cutting accuracy.

9. Automatically detecting force origin and cutter head origin. 

10. High-end components, modular design, high performance and long service life in different environments.

11. CE-Conformity: the JCW-CS07 complies with CE equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility