Single-core Wire Stripping

Automatic wire cutting & stripping machine to process single conductor wire.

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Single-core Wire Stripping

Servo driven, length correction, automatic wire cutting and stripping machine, wire range up to 50mm². Powerful, precise, durable....

50mm² Servo Driven Cable Stripping Machine


New generation automatic wire cutting and stripping machine with new functions, powerful motor, color touch screen and low noise....

Economical 8mm² Wire Cutting Stripping Machine


Automatic jump wire cutting stripping machine, specialize in LED industry, ultra-short cutting and stripping. ...

Automatic 4 Wires Jump Wire Cutter Stripping Machine


Most economical, Highest cost-effective, touch screen, 2 wires simultaneously, 9700 pieces per hour, robust machine. ...

Economical High Speed 2 Wires Cutting Stripping Machine


Powerful and economical wire stripping machine, cutting and stripping 50sqmm wire, 8 rollers offer super stripping force....

Economical 50SQ Cable Cutter Stripping Machine


Ingenious structure, servo driven, powerful and precise, process heavy-duty wire up to 50mm², min cutting length is 50mm, apply to electronic motorbik...

Ultra-short 50mm² Heavy Duty Cable Stripping Machine


Designed for big wire processing up to 16mm² in cross-section. The JCW-CS04 offers easy operation , high accuracy and new functions....

16mm² Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine


Exclusively designed to cut and strip large wire up to 25mm² in cross-section. Powerful, stable, low noise. ...

25mm² Cable Stripper Machine