Coaxial Cable Stripper

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Coaxial Cable Stripper

Rotary stripping, fully automatic, apply to coaxial cable, heavy-duty cable, all servo-driven belt transfer system, precise and durable....

Automatic Rotary Cable Cutting & Stripping Machine


Heavy-duty cable stripper machine, rotate cutting, mulci-core cable, new energy EV cable....

250SQMM Rotate Cutter Cable Stripper Machine


JCW-S600 series semi-automatic coax stripping machines process coaxial cable from 7.5-45mm in O.D with max 9 layers stripping....

Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine


Rotary strip machine to process the outer jacket of big cable up to 25mm in O.D, 120mm² in cross-section....

Rotary Cable Stripping Machine S100