Sheathed Cable Stripping

JCW's automatic cut & strip machines process flat and round sheathed cable precisely.

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5MM Sheathed Cable Cutting Stripping Machine

1. The JCW-CS08 is exclusively designed cable stripping machine for round multi-core cable. 

2. Cut and strip double layers in one cycle. Adapt to cable up to 5mm in O.D.

3. Unique wire carding device and blades shorten cycle time, bring precise processing and high production rate.

4. Automatic length modification improves cutting accuracy and decrease waste.

5. Wire lack detection stops machine automatically and sounds alarm, which maximize human resource. 

6. Robust machine and precise assembly offer long service life. 

7. User-friendly interface and color touch screen simplify operation.

8. Warranty: 12 months.

9. CE-Conformity: the JCW-CS08 complies with CE equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.