Sheathed Cable Stripping

JCW's automatic cut & strip machines process flat and round sheathed cable precisely.

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Sheathed Cable Stripping

Multi core cable range 2 to 7mm in diameter. Outer and inner insulation stripping simultaneously. Extendable capacity, high-end machine....

8MM Multi Conductor Cable Cutting Stripping Machine


Automatic Multi-core cable stripping and twisting machine. Double layers stripping, conductor stripping. ...

Flat Cable Stripping and Twisting Machine


Servo-driven belt transfer system meets high demanding processing of multi-conductor cable....

CS07 Servo Driven Sheathed Cable Jacket Stripping Machine


High-end multi-conductor cable cutting and stripping machine. Easy operation. Precise processing. Ideal machine....

10MM O.D Automatic Sheathed Cable Cutter and Stripping Machine


Apply to round multi-core cable up to 5mm in O.D. Double layers cutting and stripping. Fast, economical and precise....

5MM Sheathed Cable Cutting Stripping Machine


Exclusively designed machine to cut and strip round and flat multi-conductor cable up to 16mm² in cross-section....

10MM Sheathed Cable Outer Sheath Stripping Machine


8 rollers driven,powerful motor, automatic multi-conductor cable cutting and cable jacket stripping machine....

CS05 Sheathed Cable Sheath Stripping Machine