Stripping Crimping & Tinning

JCW offers multi-function automatic machines to cover wide application range: wire cutting, stripping, crimping, tinning and twisting.

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Automated Single Wire Crimping & Tinning Machine CST07B

1. The JCW-CST07B adopts mainly original Japan components, offers high precision and stability. Especially apply to process small and short wire. The ultimate cutting length is 8mm.

2. Large variety of teminal types can be processed by a fast changeover of crimp applicators.

3. Standard function is to strip and crimp front side, twist and tin rear side. The operator can turn off some ones according to production needs.

4. Pananosic PLC, NIDEC servo motor, OMORON sensor, WEINVIEW touch screen, SHAKO cylinder and electromagnetic valve, TBI lead screw and GATES belt.

5. The JCW-CST07B's feeding rollers and wire grippers all move parallel, which minimize displacement of wire, guarantee good precision of stripping and crimping.

6. Gentle wire handling guarantee undamaged products.

7. Synchronous wire pre-feeder maintains the tension of wire.

8. All-round detect device monitor wire and terminal transfer, stipping and crimping. This is to give fully qualified products.

9. Robust machine, long gauge life, low maintenance.

10. CE-Conformity: the JCW-CST07B complies with CE equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.