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Fully-auto Crimp and Housing Insertion Machine CM02

1. The JCW-CM02 is advanced fully automatic machines for tinning to crimp and housing insertion. It processes 10 wires simultaneously, cover wide application range, such as strip double ends, crimp single or double ends, tinning single end, housing insertion at one end etc.

2. Thanks to ingenious design and repeated trials, the JCW-CM02 achieves high precision with only 3‰ defective percentage. Furthermore, the machine can distinguish and classify qualified product and defective product automatically. This achieves real automation and release labor maximumly.

3. The JCW-CM02 combines CCD visual inpection system, CFM and all-around inspection during the whole production process

4. Combine all Mitsubishi servo motors, which provide long lifetime, high precision, low mechanical wear and stable performance.

5. High-performance Panasonic PLC control system brings multiple functions.

6. All the procee can be adjusted finely to meet high demanding production requirements, such as tinning depth, crimping force, stripping length etc.

7. Long lifetime of key parts over 6 years, such as servo motors, servo drivers,retarder etc.

8. Modular design, user-friendly interface, 9" touch screen and computer make the operation and input to be exact and easy.

9. The JCW-CM02 is capable for consumer and automotive industries. With customized design, it meets different needs for wide range of housing insertion.

10. CE-Conformity: the JCW-CM02 complies with CE equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.