Stripping & Crimping

Fully automatic wire crimping machines, finish wire cutting & stripping, terminal crimping in one cycle.

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Stripping & Crimping

Fully automatic dual-end wire crimping machine, ranging wire from 0.032mm² to 2.08mm²(32 AWG - 14 AWG)...

Automatic Dual-end Wire Crimping Machine CST05


Automatic wire crimping machine for one wire.One side stripping and crimping, another side stripping and twising....

Automatic Single Wire Crimping and Twisting Machine CST01


Wires joint crimping capability for 2 wires and 3 terminals. Economical machine along with stable performance....

Automatic Wires Joint Crimping Machine CST10


The ideal solution for wide range of pre-insulated terminals crimping....

Automatic Pre-insulated Terminal Crimping Machine CST04


Dual-end stripping and crimping machine, automatically classify qualified or defective terminal crimping....

Automatic Dual-end Wire Crimping Machine CST03


Economical automaic wire crimping machine for wires from 0.1mm² to 2.0mm²(28 AWG - 14 AWG)...

Automatic Double-end Wire Stripping Crimping Machine CST02