Automatic Crimping Machine

Fully automatic machines for wire cutting,stripping,crimping,fluxing,tinning,sleeve insertion and block loading.

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Automatic Crimping Machine

Fully automatic dual-end wire crimping machine, ranging wire from 0.032mm² to 2.08mm²(32 AWG - 14 AWG)...

Automatic Dual-end Wire Crimping Machine CST05


Stable performance, excellent high level machine, AWG32-AWG 14, stripping length 18mm, wire prefeeder,space saving, durable and affordable....

Automated Single Wire Crimping & Tinning Machine CST07B


Stable machine for 10 wires stripping and tinning simultaneously. Easy operation, low maintenance, high performance....

Fully-auto 10 Wires Stripping & Tinning Machine


Servo motorized, water-proof seal insertion, wire stripping, terminal crimping, 30KN crimp force, 2.5mm² wire range....

Water-proof Seal Wire Stripping Terminal Crimping Machine


Economical tinning machine, double ends stripping, twisting and tinning. ...

CST12 Automatic Dual-end Stripping Tinning Machine


Fully automatic machine to cut, strip and tin 8 wires simultaneously. Production rate is 12000pcs/h with 100mm cutting length....

Automatic Wire Stripping and Tinning Machine CST09


Automatic wire crimping machine for one wire.One side stripping and crimping, another side stripping and twising....

Automatic Single Wire Crimping and Twisting Machine CST01


Fully automatic housing insertion machine for 10 wires. CCD visual inspection,CFM,Misubishi servo motors, Panasonic PLC....

Fully-auto Crimp and Housing Insertion Machine CM02


Wire stripping, crimping, tinning & twising machine. Process 5 wires simultaneously....

Fully-auto Crimping to Tinning and Twisting Machine CST08