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Wire Harness Processing Machine: Processing Technology and Industry Analysis of Automobile Wire Harness


With the continuous improvement of comfort, economy and safety requirements, the types of electronic goods on cars are also increasing, and the failure rate of more and more complex harnesses on cars is also increasing accordingly. This requires improving the reliability and durability of the harness and other functions. Many people are interested in the technology and production of the car harness. Here, a brief description of the car harness technology and production knowledge is made. You only need to spend a few minutes reading to get a general understanding of the car harness processing technology.

In the future, the production technology of car wiring harness is inseparable from that of serving production. Therefore, the production technology of car wiring harness is analyzed in combination with that of car wiring harness. The first station for harness production is stripping technology. The accuracy of stripping technology is directly related to the production schedule. Once the stripping scale is too short, it will cause the rework of all stations, which will take time and effort to affect the production efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the wire stripping scale reasonably according to the requirements of drawings, stripping scale, and select suitable stripping machine equipment. The equipment with high precision and speed will save a lot of time for the whole process.

After stripping, the second position is the crimping technology, which determines the crimping parameters according to the terminal type requested in the drawings, manufactures the crimping operation instructions, and specifies and trains the operators on the technical documents concerning the special requirements. For example: some wires need to be pierced through the sheath before they can be pressed, it needs to be pre-installed wires and then returned from the pre-installed station and then pressed; there are piercing press-bonding used to special press-bonding things, this press-bonding method has good electric touch function, high-precision press-bonding terminal equipment, will also save you time and worry.

Then there is the pre-installation technology. First of all, we should compile the pre-installation technical operation instructions. In order to improve the overall assembly efficiency, the complex wiring harness must set up the pre-installation station. The rationality of the pre-installation technology directly affects the overall installation efficiency and also reflects the technical level of a technician. If the pre-installation of some of the installation is too small or the installation of the wire path is unreasonable, increase the workload of the general installation personnel, slow down the speed of the pipeline, so technicians should often stay on the site and constantly summarize.

The last step is assembly technology. It can compile the installation board according to the plan of commodity development department, plan the standard scale of tooling equipment and material box, and paste the number of all installation sheaths and accessories on the material box to improve assembly efficiency. Compile the installation contents and requests of each workstation, balance all the assembly workstations to prevent a little too much work and pull down all the pipeline speed. To achieve the balance of work stations, technicians must be familiar with each operation and calculate the working hours on site, and adjust the installation technology at any time.

In addition, wiring harness technology also includes the preparation of material consumption detailed list, man-hour calculation, worker training, etc., because the technical content value is not high, these are not detailed. In a word, the electronic technology content and quality of the car harness in the car have gradually become an important index to evaluate the car function. Then car manufacturers should pay special attention to the selection of harness, and it is necessary to understand the technology and production of the harness.